Cool Things To Do With Old T Shirts

cool things to do with old t shirts

    t shirts
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Living thing

Living thing

Today I went to bizzaro Paris where nothing seemed very Parisian and everything seemed kind of like the worst. If the PIFA street fair was supposed to embody the spirit and vibeskies of Paris 1910, I no longer have dreams of Quantum-Leaping back to that time or place.

I am sure the zill suburban ladies who were earlier clogging up the joint are mommy-blogging so hard about how amazing everything was, but that’s because they have children and their outlook on life has been stunted (J/K, moms! Love you guys, girls, whatevs!) The event was just not for me. I instantly seize at the thought of carnies, crowds, animals underfoot, and envisioning my own death.

The highlights were as follows:

1. Nicole Atkins, who, a few years ago, was slated to be New Jersey’s Amy Winehouse, and while yeah right, she still was pretty great. And no one really knew who she was save for me and a flailing fan boy in the front row. So I had an entire arm’s length of space to jam out.

2. The living statue fountain woman. I am sure there’s a better way to describe her steez, but I haven’t the mental wherewithal to come up with it. However, the only thing creepier than a living statue is a man commenting on how he’d like to have sex with it. Good job, bro.

3. Flying trampoline acrobats! And, coincidentally, where I was almost trampled to death. That would have been poetic. Still kind of cool and one of my favorite pictures of the day. So mostly just a self-serving favorite.

4. Seeing a two-year-old kid in a Belle and Sebastian t-shirt. Actually that was kind of a lowlight. Step your game up, homeboy.

5. While walking home, I was behind a gaggle of sorority girls clad in full sorority regalia (Why do they do this?). You know the white girl voice people use when they’re making fun of white people? She was talking in that voice but not because she was making fun of white girls, but because that was her voice. And she said, “What’s the Philadelphia Senior Center?” Her friend explained to her that it’s a center. For seniors. You know, exercising, arts and crafts and such. White Girl Voice was astounded. But not nearly as astounded as I that someone couldn’t put the words “senior” and “center” together, come up with an idea of what those two things combined could mean, and remain silent.

6. Speaking of white women, I also overheard an older black gent telling his older black lady friend that he pretty much only dates “people who aren’t black.” Had to walk away pretty quickly from that one.

7. Two college girls having a really self-congratulatory conversation about vegetarianism that was so basic and dumb it did not warrant such a serious-sounding tone. I believe the only thing they both said was, “You know, I just really don’t like meat.” So good.

And then my camera batteries died. I reached into my bag to fetch my recently purchased back-up batts only to realize they were not in there. I bought them at CVS moments before embarking on my Parisian adventures. Which just made me mad and wonder if someone pick-pocketed me for batteries. Worst thief ever. You might have taken my ultra lithiums, but you failed to snatch my monthly SEPTA transpass, a bottle of Smart Water, or my cache of acid reflux medicine? I believe the French call this Vous at-il tort.

10 Things About Me

10 Things About Me

10 Things about me...

I was tagged by Serena to do this. I'm not just spouting random things about myself willy nilly.

1. Lola is my homegirl.
I have a husband, two sons and my dog Harry. So Lola is the only girl for me to share things with. A bit sad really, because I am quite the girly girl.

2. I make cute babies, but I really suck at getting them out.
True. I've had two emergency c-sections. A four day induction, followed by a spot of hemorrhaging for the first. And a uterine rupture with the second. So our family is done.

3. I'm a science nerd.
I am really. I love biology the most. I have a degree in Applied Science (Animal Studies - Wildlife Biology). I've worked as a vet nurse and in Animal Ethics. Maybe one day I'll use my brain again.

4. I have creative bones.
I paint, I sew, I take photos, I sing in a band. Ok, that last one was a lie. I wish I did sing in a band. I wish I could sing, actually.

5. I have my own business.
It sounds really cool and stuff, but it's actually really, really tiny. Definitely not enough to pay the bills, but it does give me pocket money and keeps me from going mad at home with the two kids. I make dog collars and kids clothes. I sell online and do a lovely little boutique market every month.

6. I'm a 1950s housewife in disguise.
I am! I'm a stay at home mum. I like dresses and aprons. I love baking. I sew my kids clothes. That's about where it ends though. My husband would probably like it if I met him at the door of an afternoon in a cute dress and heels, but it's more like thread-covered jeans, grubby t-shirt and a crying child. 'Here, take the baby before I throw him out the window'.

7. I was petrified of driving.
So much so, that I waited until I was 26 years old and 35 weeks pregnant with my first son before I got my license. I'm alright these days, but whenever I have to drive somewhere new I have a little internal freak out and make sure I draw myself a little map.

8. I'm obsessed with tea and coffee.
I have to make myself a proper coffee first thing every morning. Otherwise I can't function. The beans must be the ones from the Noosa Farmer's Market and must be freshly ground by me. Then I'm good to go. Periodically through the day, I will have normal tea and a couple of pots of green tea. The green tea has to be China Jasmine from T2. No sugar in anything.

9. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.
It's true. My husband and I spent the first year of our relationship three hours away from each other. I was away at uni, he was working on the coast. He'd make the trek out to see me every few weeks or so, but we talked on the phone. A lot.

10. I will be an embarrassing mother.
I'm sure of it. I turn the music up in the car and sing along. Actually, the first song my son learnt was 'Sink In To Me' by Taking Back Sunday. It's ok though, he knows 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' now - like a proper child. I listen to the same bands I did as a teenager. I love red and black. Red hair, black clothes, red tattoos, black fingernails... I will be the weird mum, I know it. Lucky the boys are still too young to realise.

I tagged some people that I want to see do this too :P

cool things to do with old t shirts

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