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Barack Obama Face T Shirts

barack obama face t shirts

    barack obama
  • Barack Hussein Obama II (; born August 4, 1961) is the 44th and current President of the United States. He is the first African American to hold the office.

  • An account in Redmine that we assign our most aspirational tickets to, i.e. the stuff we'd really like to do with a project but will probably never get approval for.

  • Barack Obama has appeared as a non-fictional character in comic books published by a number of publishing companies.

    t shirts
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Not as bad as I was thinking it was. What's with me getting into composite pictures? And, again, I did it using -EEEKKK- Paint. o_O

The one on the left was actually impromptu while the one on the right was what I was planning. They're both the same book, taken on different days. This is a day late!

So I was in Huntington Beach until about noon today!! Meeting Sarah Dessen. God, in case I haven't said this enough on here, Sarah Dessen is my HERO. And I MET her. So now I will tell the story.

That day (Day Three) was actually starting off really badly. ): I'm on that girl time of the month--is there possibly a more discreet way of saying it?? Either way, I guess you gotta be blunt about it. Oh, well. Girls know what I mean, but no guy has a clue. It's just terrible. So, I was emotionally high-strung, going crazy. I wore shorts--stupid me. And--even stupider--a sort-of tight-fitting shirt. Then, when we got to the hotel and I saw a mirror, I totally just broke down, of course, hating what I looked like.

So my mom, the amazing heroic woman that she is, took me to Target where I found the most AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS dress. It was twenty-five dollars and my mom agreed to buy it for me, but as we were heading toward the check-out line, I just started crying, whining that that was wayyyy too much money for my mom to spend for just no reason, because I was being such a brat for demanding a brand new outfit because I was stupid enough to wear one that wasn't flattering. I just felt like a complete idiot, and there my mom was, doing everything to make me feel better. And there I was, a weeping mess, clinging to my mother in the middle of a Target in Huntington Beach. Wow, what a complete moron. God, really, though. My mom is incredible.

Anyway, the night, after I got changed into my beautiful dress and redid my makeup, was AMAZING. So my mom and I are settled near the table where Sarah Dessen was going to be reading and I'm like, oh, crap. I have to pee. Like, five minutes before it was about to start. So I shove my things to my mom and run off to the restroom, which is only across the way. I open the door, and standing right in front of me is Sarah Dessen. The one and only, real live Sarah Dessen. THE Sarah Dessen. Standing face to face right in front of me, just us and some lady she's talking to. I stand there, frozen in shock. Then she starts to walk away.
"Miss Dessen?" I say. She turns around, smiling at me. She's looking at me and all I can think is, "No. This isn't actually her. This isn't actually happening."
But it is her, and it is happening.
Talk about a WHOA moment.
"Oh my gosh!" I start, of course, already just totally tripping over my HUGE tongue. Talk about Lela-speak. "You're my FAVORITE author," I tell her. I stick out my hand and she takes it. I'm SHAKING HANDS with SARAH DESSEN. Again, there's no way this is happening. "I'm here for your signing, and I can't believe I'm actually meeting you! You're my hero, really," I tell her. She totally smiles at me. I ask her for a hug. Gosh, this is my favorite part! I ask her for a hug, and she HUGS me. SARAH DESSEN gave me a HUG. Like, whoa whoa whoawhoaWHOA. I'm still trying to believe it.

Seriously, she is my HERO. It would be like any other person meeting... I don't know... GOD. Yes, God.
Or, like, Barack Obama (Oh, God, did I spell his name wrong???), or Britney Spears. Or the Queen or EDWARD CULLEN (<3). Or, I don't know. She's my idle, my hero, the most amazing person ever.

I'm SO honored to have met her.

3/365; dedicated to my mommy. I lovelovelove her so so much. She's amazing. <3

So, yes, this is my secret for the day. In my defense, I AM a writer and I kind of have to have that mentality.
Either that, or I'm just a hopeless romantic. Yeah, I'd go with that one.

I think... Of all the books I've read. Hmm. Wes and Owen are my favorite favorite. And human Norman, too, from Keeping The Moon. How could I NOT fall in love with them--especially Wes? God. I would marry him in a heartbeat if he was real.

And Owen. <3

362 to go.

A message from the people of the city of Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

A message from the people of the city of Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

Bless their hearts! There's something they're trying to say.

Blue sunburst! The president's holding something in his hands.


A t-shirt in the window of "Felicia's Fun Wear," on the northwest corner of Oak Street and Broadway in downtown Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

barack obama face t shirts

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